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You’ve got (too much) email

Have we hit peak newsletter? Matt Karolian of Boston Globe Media thinks so.

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  1. Mark

    I hate my overstuffed email box too, but it’s the only equivalent I can think of that comes close to the newspaper hitting the front door every morning. How else are you going to see the complete package, pushed in front of you every day? Sure, you can stash the newsletter inside an app, but how are you going to remind readers, every day, to open the app and scroll through the newsletters of interest? You’re just piling on the steps of inconvenience. Maybe you could add a password, and perhaps an ID check with a secret 6 digit code. Before long I’ll be visiting the news site twice a week instead of twice a day.

  2. Mike LaBonte

    Why are newsletters not simply copies of pages on the web with different ad content? I subscribe to a few newsletters that duplicate content on the same source’s social media feed. But where that gets annoying, the solution is to unsubscribe the social media, not email. I don’t see everything that comes across social media, but I see everything in my inbox, which is pretty clean and gets only about 25 non-junk emails per day.

    Journalists would need more sources, so I can see where they might prefer social media, where you can simply happen to see less than half of what you’re subscribed to without the guilt of having to delete without reading more than the subject line.

  3. Brian Keaney

    One more reason I stick with my RSS feed reader. Everything is all in one place, and it is apart from my inbox, which brings me the stuff upon which I need to act. (The Old Reader is how I consume 99% of Media Nation content, as well.)

    • Dan Kennedy

      RSS is a great technology. Too bad publishers mucked it up.

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