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News of the weird: Hyperlink edition

Via Jay Rosen, a story that is almost too weird to be true: Irish newspapers are claiming that no one has a right to link to their content without paying for it. And they have a price list.

Catching up with the tubes

New York Times reporter Brian Stelter today offers a smart take on the increasing willingness of commercial news outlets to link to outside content — except that there’s not a single outside link in his piece. (Not his fault, I’m sure.) What few links you’ll find direct you to past Times coverage.

As a public service, Media Nation offers the following outside links mentioned in Stetler’s article:

  • Publish2. Online software, which, though still not quite ready for public use, lets you add a widget to your site consisting of pages to which you’ve linked. I’ve tested it, and it’s pretty cool. Stetler, by the way, credits Publish2 CEO Scott Karp with coining the phrase “link journalism.”
  • Political Browser. The Washington Post’s page of links to political stories from around the mediasphere.
  • WMAQ-TV. The Chicago NBC affiliate’s Web site is being transformed into a city guide with lots of outside links.
  • “The ethic of the link layer on news.” Jeff Jarvis’ post on link journalism, published on his blog, Buzz Machine, in June.
  • Breaking on the Web. ProPublica’s guide to online investigative journalism.

Still unanswered: Who at the Times thought it was a good idea to publish a story on link journalism without actually doing any.

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