Depressing and horrifying are two words that come to mind in looking over Kimani Washington’s Facebook profile (via Universal Hub). Washington was arrested last night in connection with the Mattapan murders. Here’s a taste:

I wake up break up purple & circle the BLOCK. Sittin’ twistin’ a TOP. I need a drink nigga it’s HOT. The bigga the POT. The bigga the PLOT. Like chics niggas’ll TALK. I sit & I WATCH. Slip a clip in the GLOCK. Spit a bit @ ya TOP. If NOT bigga 2 WALK then bigga in CHALK.

I freely confess to not knowing or caring whether Washington is quoting from some piece of garbage that’s already out there or if instead it’s an example of his own creative genius. I’ve saved a couple of pages to my hard drive, so if Washington’s profile is taken down, I’ll post them here.

Finally: Kudos to the Boston Police Department, which by all appearances is handling this nightmarish case with the utmost professionalism.