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Four months later, InstaPundit checks in

Last October, I wrote an item chastising the InstaPundit, Glenn Reynolds, for writing that opponents of a ballot measure to eliminate the Massachusetts state income tax were “pledging a campaign of ‘massive resistance.'”

The problem was that Reynolds had put massive resistance in quotation marks, yet appeared to be quoting no one other than himself.

On Saturday, believe it or not, Reynolds responded — and it appears that he still doesn’t understand how to use quotation marks. He points to a statement by then-House Speaker Sal DiMasi vowing not to implement Question One if it were to pass (it didn’t). But DiMasi never used the phrase “massive resistance.”

I would say that Reynolds concocted a quote, except that he doesn’t even seem to realize that’s what he did. For good measure, he tells me that the reason he appears to post constantly throughout the day is that he’s set up some sort timing mechanism that posts automatically. In other words, many of his time-stamps are faked. Ethical? I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

By the way, if the Glenn (or “Glenn”) who posted a comment to Media Nation isn’t really Reynolds, my apologies. I’m making an assumption that it is, mainly because there’s nothing particularly weird or over-the-top about his comment.

And these people really know how to mangle quotation marks.

InstaPundit threatens “massive resistance”

InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds yesterday posted favorably on Question One, the Massachusetts ballot measure that would repeal the state income tax. And he does so, in part, with an unsupported smear and a non-existent quote. (Via Hub Blog.)

“Most of the people complaining live, directly or indirectly, off the taxpayers’ dime, of course,” writes Reynolds, offering not a shred of evidence for that remarkable assertion. Most? Please. Then he adds: “And they’re pledging a campaign of ‘massive resistance.'”

Well, now. Follow Reynolds’ link, and you’ll come to a story on the Web site of WCVB-TV (Channel 5) that contains nothing even remotely akin to the phrase “massive resistance.” Nor does anyone say the magic words in an accompanying video story by Channel 5’s Jorge Quiroga.

For that matter, if you search Google News for the phrase “massive resistance,” you will find nothing pertaining to Massachusetts. And if you try Google Blog Search, you will get exactly one hit: Reynolds’ post.

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