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Blumenthal defends Rather

Earlier this week, Sidney Blumenthal wrote a long piece for Salon headlined “Dan Rather stands by his story,” based on the false premise that it’s somehow necessary to rehabilitate Rather in order to believe George W. Bush did not fulfill his National Guard service in the early 1970s.

Several Media Nation readers are using Blumenthal’s piece to attack my Guardian column on Rather. I have posted a response here.

First as farce, then as tragedy

My latest for The Guardian recounts an earlier lawsuit involving Dan Rather that hinged on — yes — an apparently phony document that Rather waved in front of his CBS viewers.

Dan Rather’s sad suit

Here’s what I don’t get about Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS. Before yesterday, he could at least maintain the façade that he was all over the story and that he messed up. Now he’s saying that his role was nothing more than that of a trained monkey. Personally, I’d rather be known for messing up.

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