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The browning of New England

On the Battle Road Trail in Lincoln earlier today.

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Biking along the Battle Road Trail

I tried out my new Sony point-and-shoot camera during a 10-mile bike ride, out and back, along the Battle Road Trail earlier today. I picked up the camera so I could document places I travel to over the next year for Ellen Clegg’s and my book project. The results were much better than I can get from a phone — especially inside shots. Overall, I was pretty happen with the results.

Eastern end

There are lots of these along the road. It was a tough day for the British.

Paul Revere’s last stand

Captain William Smith house

Behind the Smith house

Hartwell Tavern. I used flash to offset the backlighting.

Inside the Hartwell Tavern — natural light

Hartwell fireplace — natural light, no editing

Cupboard inside the Hartwell Tavern

Next to the Hartwell Tavern


Don’t eat the berries!

Working farm along the road

Meriam House, at the western end of the road

The macro feature is outstanding

No bison were harmed in the making of this photo story

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