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Great moments in anonymous sourcing

I generally am not one who feels faint when the media use anonymous sources. It’s often necessary, although it’s overdone. But a story posted shortly after noon by NBC News is just egregious. It begins:

Several of President Joe Biden’s closest allies, including three people who are directly involved in efforts to re-elect him, told NBC News they now see his chances of winning as zero — and the likelihood of him taking down fellow Democratic candidates growing.

“He needs to drop out,” one Biden campaign official said. “He will never recover from this.”

Further down there’s this:

All of them spoke on the condition of anonymity because they don’t want to be seen as further damaging a candidate they appreciate for his victory over then-President Donald Trump in 2020 and his policy wins in the White House.

By remaining anonymous, they’re doing the damage but making it less likely that they’ll accomplish what they say is their goal, which is to replace Biden with a more electable candidate. Time to show some courage.

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  1. Rick pozniak

    Spot on column

  2. Stephen Walker

    Tough to expect top staffers to go public against the guy they work for. If Biden does quit – and I hope he does – it would make sense to wait after the R convention.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Of course. But what made sense two weeks ago no longer does.

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