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In bloom

Wednesday might have been the best day of the spring to see the flowering Bradford pear trees along Boston Avenue in West Medford and the Hillside neighborhood, which also happens to be the route that I walk occasionally to the Medford/Tufts Green Line Station. The Green Line takes me directly to Northeastern, and I learned something that had escaped me before — the trolley platform is also lined with Bradford pears.

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West Medford

Medford Hillside


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    Bradfords are lovely bloomers. We used to have several lining Main Street in Great Barrington. Unfortunately, they had to be removed because the roots were upending the sidewalks and the fire department was concerned that the size of the trees would impair the department’s ability to provide fire protection for 2nd and 3rd floors of downtown buildings.

  2. Desirée Vignola

    They were absolutely beautiful. We drove to R.I. yesterday and flowers were everywhere, including the pear trees!!

  3. Steve Stein

    Spent the week at MGH, which sucks, but we had a killer view of the Charles River, full of duckboats and sailboats, lined by blooming trees. Didn’t know what the white ones are, but now I do! Thanks!

    • Dan Kennedy

      Oh, no! Hope you’re doing well, Steve.

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