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Joe Fitzgerald dies at 79

Joe Fitzgerald, a Boston Herald sports columnist who later took up conservative opinionating, has died at the age of 79. He was pretty controversial back in the day, but people who knew him always said he was a nice guy. Best wishes to his family and friends. Joe Dwinell has an appreciation at the Herald. If you’re blocked by the paywall, here is the death notice at

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  1. Hartley Pleshaw

    Joe Fitzgerald ranted for decades against the evils of “sexual immorality” and gambling, yet he fell in political love with a thrice-married casino owner who has admitted to being sexually attracted to his own daughter. Go figure. RIP.

  2. When I moved to Boston for grad school and landed at NESN, Joe Fitzgerald treated me as welcoming and as well as anyone in Boston media. A prince of a guy. RIP

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