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How antisemitism is altering college plans in Brookline

Jewish high school students in Brookline are having second thoughts about where they want to go to college because of rising antisemitism on some campuses. One likely beneficiary: Brandeis University. Sam Mintz of Brookline.News has the story. (Via Universal Hub.)

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  1. Judy Kaplan

    Where’s the article about how Arab and Muslim students are viewing their college choices? Or the article about how their lives are affected by the shooting of three young men in Burlington, VT?

  2. Adam Smith

    As someone who has worked in community journalism in the past for many years, this makes me consider how careful a reporter has to be when interviewing teenagers on topics that are controversial.

    • Adam Smith

      … by that I mean their views of the world might be vastly different in a year or two and there is a chance a year down the road they might realize they had said things they will have wished they had stated differently.

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