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The Boston Globe’s new media reporter covers crypto for The Information

Aidan Ryan. Photo via LinkedIn.

The Boston Globe has hired its first full-time dedicated media reporter in nearly 20 years. Aidan Ryan, who currently covers crypto for The Information, will start in January, according to an announcement he posted on X/Twitter. He’s on Bluesky at, and I hope he’ll join Threads, which is where most of the Twitter diaspora seems to be landing.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ryan was president of The Harvard Crimson when he was in college and did a stint as a summer intern covering politics for the Globe in 2019. So what will he be doing as the Globe’s media reporter? Here’s how his new beat was described when the Globe advertised the position:

Part tech beat, part culture writing, part buzzy local scoops, this job calls for a journalist who’s eager and able to explore the many ways that media shapes modern life, in Boston and beyond. They will cover our region’s advertising and publishing industries and keep an eye on the bold-faced names of local TV, yes. But they’ll also dive into the endless evolution of social media, debates over digital privacy, and the roiling challenges of misinformation in all its forms, from Twitter and Threads to TikTok and new platforms using artificial intelligence.

That’s a lot. Regular media coverage is a welcome addition for the Globe, and it will be interesting to see what Ryan can do with it.

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  1. Lex Alexander

    I hope and trust that Mr. Ryan will be able to give us a lot of useful stories.

  2. Mark Laurence

    I’m so glad to see this. It’s been a long time since we had regular media coverage in Boston’s traditional media. I can remember when it was one of very few beats that the Herald covered better than the Globe. That was a long time ago, indeed. I still miss Beat the Press every Friday. But I do wish you wouldn’t push people toward Threads. I don’t trust Zuckerberg much more than Musk.

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