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Friedman’s dark vision

Thomas Friedman has been indispensable in the aftermath of Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel and the war that is now under way in Gaza. Here’s a free link to his latest, which is very dark indeed.

He calls Benjamin Netanyahu “the worst leader in its [Israel’s] history — maybe in all of Jewish history,” someone who is incapable or unwilling to make any of the diplomatic concessions needed to bring about even the slightest glimmer of a more hopeful future. Friedman also argues that, unlike in previous conflicts, Israel really does face an existential threat, with Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic militias in Iraq, Houthis in Yemen, Iran and even Vladimir Putin’s Russia “threatening Israel with a 360-degree war all at once.”

“It is crystal clear to me, Friedman writes, “that Israel is in real danger — more danger than at any other time since its War of Independence in 1948.”

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  1. Dane Claussen

    He’s finally correct about Netanyahu, who I have criticized since early in his second term. A nasty, apparently corrupt man who cares only about his own political career.
    Tom also is correct about fear of a 360-war, but does not say it will happen. It won’t.

  2. Neil Carey

    Dan, I’m curious about something. Do you support this or any campaign to hold Israel accountable for deliberately targeting journalists and media outlets with U.S.-supplied weapons? Are you disturbed as I am by the lack of outcry on your side of the pond?

    “The scale, seriousness and recurring nature of international crimes targeting journalists, particularly in Gaza, calls for a priority investigation by the ICC prosecutor. We have been calling for this since 2018. The current tragic events demonstrate the extreme urgency of the need for ICC action.“ Reporters Without Borders

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