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The incorrigible New York Times

How did the editors not catch this? Or did they actually add it? Just gobsmackingly awful:

President Biden, perhaps Amtrak’s most famous advocate, announced $16.4 billion in funding for rail projects on Monday, exhibiting a business-as-usual approach as polls show him trailing former President Donald J. Trump one year before Election Day.

Speaking at a maintenance warehouse where Amtrak trains are serviced in Bear, Del., Mr. Biden made no mention of the polling from The New York Times and Siena College polls.

Instead, he offered familiar anecdotes about his days as a senator, when a conductor named Angelo would call him “Joey, baby!” and squeeze his cheeks as he made the 90-minute ride between Washington and his home in Wilmington, Del.

Mr. Biden also promoted the $1 trillion infrastructure law he signed into law two years ago, which included $66 billion for investments in rail systems.

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  1. Paul Bass

    Wait. World leaders’ every move and comment aren’t supposed to come about in response to an article in the New York Times? Interesting!

  2. Lex

    Did, like, anyone ASK the president about the polling? Because if not, the presumption that Biden should have unilaterally mentioned it is just … ugh.

  3. NahantJim Walsh

    Here is the situation…President Biden and the Democrats made a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure throughout the United States included 66 billion for rail systems nationally.

    $16.4 billion of the $66 will go toward 25 passenger rail projects along the Northeast Corridor.

    Biden’s investments are similar to the ones made 75 years ago by President Eisenhower in the National Defense Highway system and in the National Defense Student Loan Program that enabled young people to get a college education.

    Those were sound investments that have seen some deterioration since.

    Polls are transitory. The very real accomplishments of Mr. Biden will not be.

  4. Dan, my understanding from a documentary I saw a couple of years ago about the NYT, the powers-that-be decided that the paper needed more reporters and fewer editors. I’d say it shows.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Agreed, although I’m wondering if this was edited in by some boneheaded editor.

  5. Jay Griffin

    Hey Dan, pols and 401 accounts don’t vote. “Joey baby” should be alright next November.

  6. Bob Gardner

    It’s strange for a professor of journalism to argue that a politician should be able to frame issues exactly as the politician wants to. Does Northeastern University teach stenography?

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