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Talking about the future of local news on ‘Left, Right & Center’

I had a chance to talk about the future of local news on KCRW’s “Left, Right & Center” podcast — as well as offer some analysis of the media’s failures in reporting on that hospital explosion in Gaza. We recorded in front of a live audience last Thursday at WBUR Radio’s CitySpace. Please give us a listen. The host is David Greene, joined by Mo Elleithee, Sarah Isgur and (this week) me.

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  1. Bob Gardner

    I can only conclude that it is confirmation bias that leads you to make the statement that that it looks like Israel didn’t cause the hospital explosion. It is still something that is very unclear. Beyond the evidence already out there, (such as the fact that the Israeli government initially took credit for the explosion), the WSJ report clearing the Israelis has already been partially debunked.
    Shouldn’t there be an impartial, international investigation? Why is our government opposing this?

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