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It’s all been said before

This brief commentary by Stephen King (free link) about the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, says everything that needs to be said. I wish it were otherwise.

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  1. Richard Allen

    No Dan everything has not been said we are a gutless nation today, we refuse to talk about reopening all the mental intuitions and committing people involuntarily. Guns are not the problem people are, they have been giving warning signs before.

    So i ask how do we get the ACLU, Sharpton to shut up reopen the institutions and allow family to commit their kids like adam lanza before sandy hook happened….she tried…..

    We refuse to use tough love we refuse to close the borders, if people want to be homeless or zombies most institutions have wonderful grassy areas to live outside, then come inside or showers and eat……its walled off so they cant escape, and we wont turn into NYC or San Fran or Kensington.

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