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Minute hens

Pecking away earlier today along the Minuteman Bikeway near Lexington Center.

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  1. Barbara Flanagan

    Your pics don’t show up in email. 🙁

    • Dan Kennedy

      Barbara, that was an embedded video, and yes, email subscribers need to click through to the website to see it. That’s a WordPress bug.

  2. Hi Dan-you might be able to use an embed code for the video (or a still) to show up in the email. I am sure you are aware, but only the caption is there, no graphic. I also use WordPress but use Mailchimp for my newsletter and use embed codes that MC provides.

    Nice chickens, tho 😁

    • Dan Kennedy

      Media Nation emails are sent automatically through WordPress. If I could remember, I’d make a note on the post for email subscribers, then delete it and resave. As I said: If I could remember.

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