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The MBTA’s Medford/Tufts restrooms are a real pisser

Phillip Eng, the new head of the MBTA, is going to quickly find out that it’s not just the big things, it’s the little things, too.

Earlier today I made the mile-and-a-half walk from my house to the new, underused Tufts Green Line station. I’d had a big cup of coffee before I left the house, but I figured I could use one of the two restrooms that are right next to the ticket machine. They were locked.

It wasn’t that long ago that they were unlocked. Then, the last time I needed to use one, an employee saw me and unlocked it so I could use it. Remembering that, I knocked on the door of the employees’ lounge. Oh, those aren’t for the public, I was told. What?

Then I saw one of the doors open, so I tried to enter. An employee grabbed the door and prevented me from using it. I let it go — I didn’t want to get charged with assault. Fortunately my bladder calmed down, though I didn’t.

What is this crap? Davis Square has public restrooms. It’s a much more crowded station, and they can get kind of disgusting. But when you gotta go, you gotta go. By contrast, Tufts is a clean, underutilized station with two restrooms, and you can’t use them.

The MBTA’s contempt for the riding public knows no bounds.

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  1. Stephen R Nelson

    This is a big problem throughout the system…..Try using the restrooms at Riverside. Of course, most of the stations don’t have them marked, let alone accessible.

  2. Jay Griffin

    Keeping the rest room open means more work for some one . That’s the way the T operates. Generations of patronage have created a culture that is self interested only. Good luck Governor. I bet the rest rooms are open at the state house!

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