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Sports Hub host Massarotti suspended for a week

Sports Hub radio host Tony Massarotti has been suspended for a week, and the station’s owner, Beasley Broadcast Group, has ordered sensitivity training for all on-air personalities, according to CBS Boston. And good grief, both the headline and the lead refer to what Massarotti said as a “racially insensitive comment.” It was racist. Period.

Update: The Boston Globe also called Massarotti’s remarks “insensitive.” They were quoting Massarotti, I think, but they didn’t use quotation marks. And they should have forthrightly used “racist” to describe what he said.



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  1. Calli Remillard

    I’m so tired of euphemisms like “racially-charged” or “racially-insensitive.” We need to call it what it is — racism! I always try to make sure my newsroom is forthcoming in talking about these things. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, guess what? It’s probably a duck!!!

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