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Checking out the semi-finished southern end of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

I took a fairly short 13-mile bike ride this afternoon on the new, southern part of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, over the not-quite-finished Route 2 overpass and on to the West Concord train station, where the trail ended. From there I rode west on Laws Brook Road to the Acton line before heading back and then north to NARA Park, where I looped around before heading back to my car. Stretches of the path were technically closed, but we all ignored the signs and barriers and had a great time.

Heading south along the Route 2 overpass

Heading north just before the Route 2 overpass


Corn season is upon us

At the southern end of the rail trail

West Concord train station

Acton-Concord line along Laws Brook Road

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  1. I was just back to Acton this week after moving away 8 years ago and saw the bridge over 2A. The rail trail was talked about for 20 years – I’m so glad they finally did it!

  2. Mark

    The BFRT does not end at the West Concord train station. It officially continues across Rt 62 for another 2 miles and is then unfinished for another 1/2 mile or so.

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