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Loser Redcoats lose

I took a long bike ride this afternoon and ran into some British soldiers in Lexington. I’m happy to say that they lost.

[wpvideo Uw9ZkHRx]

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Happy Patriots’ Day!


  1. Lex

    We get those every March 15 at the Old Guilford County Courthouse. They “won” there, too, but at the frightful cost of shooting many of their own men in the back to try to get to the Colonials. The Redcoat force was permanently weakened as a result and ultimately surrendered at Yorktown. 🙂



  2. I wonder whose idea it was to have white pants for the field uniform? It’s impossible to keep them clean.

  3. timcoco

    Time warp in the neighborhood?

  4. Suzette Ciancio

    It’s a good thing!

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