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Is Putin seriously ill?

There are reports on Twitter from credible sources like Julia Ioffe that an independent Russian media outlet is claiming that Vladimir Putin is being treated for thyroid cancer. That would explain a lot of things — the puffiness, the extreme germophobia, the paranoia and irrationality.

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  1. The following is admittedly anecdotal.

    I had a friend who had had thyroid cancer, and while my understanding from her was that such cancer is very treatable, if it leaves the patient with the need to take medication to replace the substances that a healthy thyroid would normally produce, the patient may feel very off-kilter until the right med at the right dose is found — she said she did not feel like herself for years afterward and that other patients told her of the same experience.

  2. “the puffiness, the extreme germophobia, the paranoia and irrationality”
    So you’re telling us Trump has thyroid cancer too? 🙂

  3. Marcus Breen

    Dan – there are several critics who have noted that Ioffe is a reliable source for U.S. government disinformation, and an anti Russian line, for example Yasha Levine, who wrote Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History . You might like to consider your sources and add a note of caution.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Marcus: So, you don’t think Ioffe is capable of informing us about a report from an independent Russian media outlet?

  4. Mike Rice

    I hope so!

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