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World War I never ended

A brilliant interview with Putin expert Fiona Hill.

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  1. Marcus J Breen

    The official US Government line – expand NATO and damn the consequences. Hill pretty much qualifies as a Pentagon hack.
    It’s something of a surprise to see you fall in line with US interests as a journalism professional. How about some other views that explain the cause of what’s happening?

    • Steve Ross

      One would think that an academic like yourself would pick apart Fiona Hill’s arguments rather than simply cite an article (written by a CATO Institute “scholar” no less) from The Guardian. I also note that the United States has not been the main force behind pushing for Ukraine to join NATO. Eastern European nations fear Putin, and fear Russia. Wonder why?

      As for Putin, who levelled much of Chechnya, invaded Afghanistan, nibbled at Georgia and grabbed key parts of Ukraine in 2014, where was the NATO excuse for that?

      Even at the height of the cold war, Russia had far, far larger forces on its side of the “iron curtain” line than NATO had.

  2. Your headline needs an asterisk, unless war has broken out between Germany and France again. It’s a fair point for eastern Europe.

  3. Steve Ross

    One could argue that World War 1 was triggered by an assassination in Sarajevo. The Austria-Hungary empire had annexed Bosnia with Russia’s (more or less forced) acceptance.. Serbia was pissed to the max. The interlocking alliances in Europe quickly drew everybody in, Germany’s route to France, through neutral Belgium, was nasty, at least by the standards of the time.

    But true, France and Germany got into a war in 1870. France quickly lost the war and was hit with big reparations. So after WW1, France wanted revenge, not a clean win going forward… even though arguably France started the 1870 war!

    So maybe it is the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 that never ended? Hats off to Europe for finally figuring out that war is not a good idea. We’re catching on. Russia and China apparently have a lot to learn.

    Fifty years from now, Russia could also be part of the European alliance, fending off India and China which, by then, will have acquired much of Siberia….

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