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Right-wing media whip up racist attacks on Nikole Hannah-Jones

The hatred being directed at Nikole Hannah-Jones is shocking — but not surprising. Right-wing media mount phony attacks on her and her ideas and then let their trollish minions do the rest. She tweets:

The coordinated media attacks orchestrated by the right-wing echo chamber are designed to elicit exactly these type of threats and harassment that are flooding my email and social media accounts. They want to make me afraid to speak and do the type of work I do. I will not stop.

Click through for more. Warning: the attack she quotes from is highly offensive.

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  1. Steve Ross

    The screaming is pretty wild indeed, and a lesson for those who think, you know, that the parties are mirror images of each other on discourse.

    I certainly think there is plenty open to debate in 1619, particularly the idea that slavery was THE major issue in the American Revolution. But debate is debate. This is, as you say, quite different: fascism. The community of historians has some pretty wild thinkers these days — I’m fascinated by biologist/ecologist/physicist-turned historian Peter Turchin, for instance. But one Black female journalist-historian seems to generate all the Republican venom. Republicans have no thinkers, just racists, mysogenists, anti-vaxxers and, as Turchin suggests, strivers who have edged into the middle class, are hanging on barely, and are fearful. Good leaders find solutions. Bloviators bloviate. Grifters grift.

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