3 thoughts on “We are all Charlie

  1. Patricia Bennett

    If Je suis Charlie is a real thing, why aren’t the US Newspapers publishing the offending photos? CNN, FOX, etc….

    If American journalists were serious, they’d pick up where Charlie Hebdo left off.

  2. Bill Duncliffe

    Agreed, Patricia. I will follow with interest the days ahead as choices more difficult than hashtag advocacy must be made. Issues and decisions such as profiling, surveillance, ally support, military strategies and foreign policy impact will tell us more than #jesuischarlie.

  3. cynthiastead

    For a moment, I thought you meant Mr. Baker who is being inaugurated today. I saw the cartoon and thought WTF? Unfortunate coincidence.

    This is like trhe Danish ‘bomb’ cartoon, except instead issuing and infitada, they killed him. People do not comprehend that these extremists really DO want to kill us all.

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