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Some news from Media Nation world headquarters

I am honored and pleased to report that I have been officially awarded tenure at Northeastern and have been promoted to the rank of associate professor. I’ve been confident this was coming for the past six weeks, but it wasn’t official until I received a letter from the provost’s office Wednesday.

This has literally been a 10-year quest for me — one year as an adjunct, three as visiting faculty and then six on the tenure track. I’m filled with gratitude for all the support and help I received along the way.

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  1. David Cable-Murphy

    Congratulations, Dan. Tenure is a high bar in academia, and a grueling process to go through. Now you can just sit back and use the same lecture notes every year until you retire – just kidding.

  2. Stan

    Very nice! Quite a quest and well deserved. Congrats. Stan Franzeen

  3. John Carroll

    Good for you, Dan – well deserved.

  4. Congratulations, Dan. Every time I see you on Beat the Press I think about how you have put Northeastern’s journalism program on the map. Your presentations are always well prepared, reasoned and down to earth. Northeastern did well to give you tenure. Now, don’t change.

  5. Congratulations, Dan. I enjoy your postings on this site and I am a fan of “Greater Boston.”

  6. Congratulations – that’s great news! Really enjoyed The Wired City – look forward to reading more,.

  7. Congratulations, Dan!

  8. Jim Callahan

    Congratulations. I hope your students benefit from your teaching as much as I have benefited from your writings about journalism.

  9. Terry Kelliher

    They are fortunate to have you. Congradulation!!

  10. Dan, Northeastern granted you tenure, but your future students even more. I hope the media critic in you sharpens them for many more years.

  11. Mike Benedict

    Congratulations. Now you can really stir the pot (haha).

  12. Hey Dan,

    Kudos, congrats. Northeastern has made a smart move.

    Jim Kinsella

  13. Congratulations, Northeastern!
    Well deserved, Dan.
    I’m with Mike – now you can stir it up with impunity.

  14. congratulations, Dan!

  15. A big thumbs up and a huge congratulations, Dan!

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