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More reasons for Jerry Remy to disappear

Having trashed my WGBH colleague Margery Eagan for daring to write about his family, will Jerry Remy now go after Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo? Take the year off, Jerry. The Red Sox are entertainment — fun and games. At this point, you’re pretty much the opposite of that.

And here’s an excellent commentary by Marjorie Arons-Barron on “the ick factor” Remy now brings to Red Sox broadcasts.

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  1. Candy Thomson

    The Red Sox are fun and games?
    Where we you at the end of the 2012 season?

  2. Bill Duncliffe

    The easiest commentary is to say what you would have done if your kid(s) had found themselves in trouble. It’s easy and useless…there’s a reason why the old saying is “Blood is thicker than water.” It’s an uncomfortable truth but the reaction of the Remys to their son’s troubles over the years is likely far closer to what most of us would do than any of us would care to admit. Those of us fortunate enough not to have had to confront the ugly situations that the Remys did should count themselves as just that.

    If you listened to his interview on WEEI there is no doubt this is a man who is going through a terrible time, including questioning everything he did in the past. The pain in his voice is palpable.

    I too feel he should not be on the Red Sox broadcast but I also feel very strongly that is the choice of him and his employer.

    For what it’s worth, legislation drawn up in the heat of a moment is rarely a good idea. I suspect the protests of the defense bar are noteworthy and legitimate.

    • Dan Kennedy

      “I too feel he should not be on the Red Sox broadcast but I also feel very strongly that is the choice of him and his employer.”

      I agree, @Bill, except that members of the public have every right to turn up the heat. And for the record, I have no idea what I would have done if it were my kid. I might have done the same thing as Remy. But what happened happened, and he should take the year off. If he needs the money, let NESN pay him.

  3. Bill Duncliffe

    My guess is he’s going to realize fairly soon that the Red Sox gig is not the distraction, or respite, or whatever he was hoping it was going to be.

  4. Mike Rice

    The “puke factor” in this case is the judicial system. Shame on it.

    • Dan Kennedy

      Several puke factors, but the judicial system is definitely near the top of the list.

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