A cat, some flowers and some shade

Seeking shelter from the sun.
Shelter from the sun

2 thoughts on “A cat, some flowers and some shade

  1. Mike Rice

    Looks just like the cat we adopted from the son, a pastor of a church up Boston way, of our elderly neighbor after she passed away. One night, decades ago, this pastor knocked on our door so we invited him in. He was holding his mother’s cat and asked, “would you consider adopting my mother’s cat? Otherwise I’m going to have it gassed(from a pastor – just unbelievable). Without hesitation I grabbed the cat from him and said, “welcome to your new home.” “Garfield”(we re-named him) enjoyed his remaining years living in our home.

    1. Mike Rice

      …also, while I’m on the topic of creature-saving the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary – Mass Audubon(in Wellfleet, MA)is proposing to erect a “small” 14.2 story wind turbine on its “sanctuary” lands. Just unbelievable!
      If you would like to voice your opinion on this matter here’s their email address>> wellfleet@massaudubon.org

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