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Patented lunacy

I listened to this mind-boggling story from “This American Life” on patent madness as I was driving home from Connecticut earlier today. Our out-of-control patent system is destroying innovation and harming the economy. Be prepared to be horrified.


What they wore


Book talk in Connecticut


  1. I remember when they took up this topic a couple of years ago. Horrifying indeed. They have a link to that program – it’s worth a listen as well.

  2. Mike Benedict

    I don’t even have to listen to agree. Examiners have granted rights to everything but plain water.

  3. Michael Goldman

    I caught this too! So depressing when you see Congress doing NOTHING but playing ‘gotcha’

  4. Been listening via podcast and am about 90-percent (I think) through… Just got to the remarkable court testimony about the supposedly misplaced apostrophe, which was very creative and thankfully unsuccessful. I agree. Riveting listening.

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