The calm after the storm

Blizzard Sunset
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Post-blizzard sunset over Cherry Hill in Beverly.


6 thoughts on “The calm after the storm

  1. Laurence Glavin

    Most alarming piece of information this weekend: Howie Carr has PRESS CREDENTIALS! (Said he would have used them if he had been stopped while driving home from his WRKO radio show).

    1. Rick Peterson

      Opinions vary. People died, millions in property damage, my neighborhood has been without power since Friday and my home sustained structural damage. And THAT is the most alarming piece of information? Lucky you! (Carr has been a working member of the press since the 1970’s without interruption, or as long as Rachel Maddow has been alive. I would say he richly deserves to disagree with you.)

  2. Peter Sullivan

    Seriously Laurence, you see a nice snowy landscape picture and it prompts a comment about Howie Carr’s Press Credentials…….

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