Theo by the numbers

In Theo Epstein’s 1,600-word op-ed for today’s Boston Globe, the word “I” appears 41 times, “my” 15 and “me” 10. “Team”? Six.

6 thoughts on “Theo by the numbers

  1. Doug Shugarts

    I’ll bet one of those Fenway bricks that today’s op-ed and Sunday’s ad originated in the Red Sox PR office and were sent up (over? down?) to Theo’s office for a signature.

  2. john youngston

    That’s because he’s espressing his fellings and thoughts about his experiences and life as general manager.

    The count of “I”s, “me”s, etc makes for humor but is phoney. It is similar to the time someone told michael jordan that there is no “I” in team. He responded by saying that there ARE two “I”s in winning.

  3. Nancy Mades

    I agree with John that it’s all about context. During President Obama’s first State of the Union Address my daughter and I tried to eat an M&M every time the President said the word “I” or “me” or “my,” but we had to stop when we started to feel sick from all that chocolate – and we really love chocolate.

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