From the Great Minds Think Alike Dept.

My Twitter feed, yesterday: “How great is it that there’s a framed picture of Josh Beckett at the Kenmore Popeye’s?”

Dan Shaughnessy’s column, today: “how great is it that Beckett’s photo is on the wall of the Popeyes in Kenmore Square?”

9 thoughts on “From the Great Minds Think Alike Dept.

  1. Ben Starr

    Might be chance here but Dan Shaughnessy has a documented history of plagiarism of particular phrasing such as this. Bruce Allen could fill you in.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Peter: I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. Twitter makes it hard to search, unfortunately. It was an obvious thing to say and an obvious way to say it, so I’m not accusing Shaughnessy of anything. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  2. Here’s what I’ve been wondering: How great is it that Boston’s sports writers failed to notice the physical condition of our pitchers until AFTER the season was over?

    What were the Sox beat writers doing during the season? Perhaps sitting around the press box drinking beer and eating chicken?

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