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Media Nation wins CBS Boston award

I just learned a little while ago that Media Nation has won the Editor’s Choice award for local affairs in CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger competition. Definitely a nice surprise.

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  1. Al Fiantaca

    Congratulations. MN is one of my daily go to sites.

  2. Congratulations, Dan. Your media criticism has always been very insightful.

  3. Stephen Stein

    Mazel Tov! A well-deserved honor! MVB! MVB! MVB!

  4. That’s terrific, Dan. I know you’re on my short-list for blogs that are a must-read. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a trophy!

  5. Jeffrey Goldings

    Congratulations, Dan, on achieving this notable and well-deserved honor. Hopefully, the award is accompanied by some CBS Boston swag like those of all-purpose WBZ-TV raincoats, winter parkers, and snow boots that reporter Shelby Scott used to adorn when reporting on another winter N’oreaster in Boston.

  6. Mike Benedict


  7. Jerry Ackerman


  8. Jerry Ackerman

    On the other end of the spectrum, Good Morning Gloucester (another favorite of mine) won People’s Choice in the Everything Else catgegory.

  9. Bill Hanna

    Congratulations, Dan. Well deserved.

  10. Sally Kroeker

    Fantastic, I look forward to my RSS feed everyday!!!

  11. Al Quint

    nice going, Dan!

  12. Reggie Giguere

    Congratulations, Mr. Kennedy!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  13. Excellent, Dan – just like your work.

  14. Don Makson

    That’s great Dan. Well deserved.

  15. Adam Reilly

    Dan: Felicidades!

  16. LFNeilson

    Now we’ll have to do an investigative piece on the obvious fix on this award! :-). Congratulations, DK.

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