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Graham to speak

I just got word that Michael Graham is expected to address the offensive remarks he and his guests made about people with dwarfism shortly after 3 p.m. today on his WTKK Radio (96.9 FM) program. I’ll be listening.

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  1. Leslie Harder

    Dan. I have followed your writing for years since I moved to Boston in 1980 and began to notice your work in local publications — (Phoenix for one.) So I primarily think of you as a writer to be trusted — you know, how you can sometimes just lean into an article and let a writer take you where s/he wants to go and you know you can relax your own built-in editor/fact checker/skeptic and just go with the flow. (Which is not the same as agreeing with everything that writer says — you know what I mean.) So, I’m such a fan. But the best thing I can think of about you is how you stand up for your kid. And I just wanted to say: yay, Dad.

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