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Wild turkeys near Beverly Airport

While driving home from Bradley Palmer State Park a little while ago, I came across a flock of about a half-dozen wild turkeys off Burley Street in Danvers, near Beverly Airport. I think it’s a resident flock, as I’ve seen turkeys in the area before. I grabbed my iPhone and took some picture of the birds, whose skittishness seemed to diminish after I had been there for a few minutes.

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  1. Aaron Read

    Those look impressively plump for wild turkeys. There was a flock that used to circle around our (rural) neighborhood when I was a kid. They were much scrawnier, but it was amusing watching them try to fly. They couldn’t, but that didn’t stop them from trying.

    There was, maybe still is, a turkey or two that hangs out in Kendall Square in the big lawn of the USDOT building at the corner of Broadway and Third Street, too. I spotted him (her?) several times when my office overlooked that space.

    Nevertheless, it is always a little weird seeing turkeys in the wild, isn’t it? Sorta like how you know it’s perfectly normal, but it still feels a little “off”. 🙂

  2. Doug Shugarts

    I can report that the Brookline side of the turkey family is flourishing, especially in the Longwood / St. Mary’s Street area.

  3. Mike Rice

    I discovered that wild turkeys can fly while running my dogs out back in the national park last summer. Come to think of it, if I happened to be a wild turkey being chased down by three dogs in an open field chances are I’d give flying my best effort as well.

    This bird flew off over the treetops leaving me awestruck. Amazing.

  4. Rick Peterson

    I guess I need a new phone. Those pics are great!

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Rick: I’m kind of disappointed. It’s great if you’re shooting outside and don’t use the zoom feature.

  5. Mike Rice

    I should receive the Golden Turkey Award for my post above as it gives the impression that I enjoy running down game with some Rhodesian Ridgebacks in my spare time. Nope. I found it amusing that my Australian Sheperds, a herding breed, thought they could round up a wild turkey. Coyotes in these here parts are abundant and a lot wilier than my yapping dogs. This must have been a no-brainer for this bird as before my three got anywhere near it, it took flight from a standstill right over the top of a grove of pine trees, albeit mostly scrub pine but nevertheless quite a feat for such a large bird. Wild turkeys can fly. Bye.

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