Checking in from the North Shore

The view from our back porch, minutes ago.

7 thoughts on “Checking in from the North Shore

  1. Mike Rice

    Checking in from the lower Cape, all rain – no snow.

    Great pictures Steve, now get out there and have at it.

  2. Al Fiantaca

    From a fellow North Shore resident, I figure a good 18+ in my neighborhood early afternoon. Good neighbors helped blow out the driveway, and plows kept the street clear, if narrow. I wanted to walk, but street plowing made it too risky. Tomorrow’s another day. The Globe got delivered. It was hours late, but considering the conditions, just getting here is a plus.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      @Al: Just opened the front door to check the depth of the snow, and there was the Salem News. I couldn’t believe it.

  3. LFNeilson

    Brave photojournalist. At least there are no water drops from shooting through a window. I haven’t been out to get a paper yet. Maybe I should steal my neighbor’s.

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