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Stopping the presses in Nashua

Forty people will lose their jobs when the Nashua Telegraph’s printing presses stop rolling on Jan. 2. The 20,000-circulation daily (27,000 on Sunday) will be printed at the Portsmouth Herald, according to publisher Terry Williams, who described the move as “a very difficult call.”

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  1. An interesting move, though understandable. Economics usually wins, but we saw a problem with outsourcing content distribution just today. Wikileaks had their site taken off’s hosting servers and was temporarily down, all because Amazon didn’t support their message.

    Seems this could happen here, too, if any conflict of interest ever occurred, though it’s much less likely.

  2. Martin Callaghan

    Another sad casualty of declining newspaper circulation. Some others of local note who have outsourced printing:

    Lynn Item
    Salem News
    Boston Herald
    Brockton Enterprise
    Patriot Ledger
    New Bedford Standard Times

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