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Please join us for a panel on WikiLeaks and the law

This Wednesday I’ll be moderating a conversation on “Legal Liability in the Age of Wikileaks,” starring two terrific First Amendment lawyers — Rob Bertsche of Prince Lobel and Jon Albano of Bingham McCutcheon.

The program is being sponsored by Hacks/Hackers of Boston, which brings together journalists and technology folks. We’ll schmooze from 6 to 7 p.m. and get down to business from 7 to 8. I hope you’ll join us.

The session will be held in the student lounge at Boston University’s College of Communication, 640 Commonwealth Ave. For more information, just click here.

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  1. Crap, I can’t believe I’m going to miss this one, but I’ll be in Tallahassee. I’ll be very grateful to anyone who Tweets it, though.

  2. Dan Storms

    Please, please don’t let the program (or this bog post, for that matter) be hijacked by those who confuse American exceptionalism with law or morality. That would be those like Jeffrey Goldberg, who publically speculated why hadn’t American black ops “taken out” Julian Assange, or others who call for his arrest/detention on grounds of treason. Being an Australian, Mr. Assange is under no legal obligation to aid and abet our war efforts (now spreading to Yemen, with garrisons being proposed for that benighted country), and it is not actually against U.S. law to publish leaked information anyway (that is, the publishing is not illegal–a case might be made for receiving stolen goods, I suppose).

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