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Olbermann to return on Tuesday

That’s a two-day suspension, which sounds just about right. Olbermann has a reputation for being volatile and self-righteous, so I’m glad he didn’t turn this into something more. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Chris VanHaight

    Keith Olbermann violated the corporate policy of MSNBC and was reprimanded. Private companies, even news companies, get to set such policies. Whether it is smart for them to do so is another matter. When all this cools off, maybe MSNBC will quietly (is that possible in our wired world?) drop this policy.

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Chris: I hope NBC keeps the policy, even for opinion-mongers like Olbermann. I thought Maddow showed pretty brilliantly why such a policy makes MSNBC a more legitimate operation than Fox News.

  2. Laurence Glavin

    Is it possible that KO is being kept off-the-wire so as to help generate big numbers for the Matt Lauer-‘W’ interview at 8:00 pm tonight?

  3. Aaron Read

    I find it amusing that yesterday and today your top-of-page ad banner has “Save Olbermann” (and similar) ads up there. Despite the fact that Olbermann’s already saved and we know when he’s coming back.

  4. Laurence Glavin

    WNSH-AM 1570 in Beverly doesn’t have many advertisers, but one of them…a card and gift shop (why do they call it a “gift shop” if you have to pay for the things you buy?)in Amesbury is STILL advertising Hallowe’en specials.

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