Seeking help with Google AdSense

Several years ago I tried to set up a Google AdSense account, did something wrong, and have never been able to recover. I just tried again, and the unexplained sins of the past continue to haunt me. If you think you can help, please send an e-mail to da {dot} kennedy {at} neu {dot} edu, and I’ll respond with a detailed explanation.

One thought on “Seeking help with Google AdSense

  1. Sorry, Dan, but I’m afraid that I am having trouble with Google accounts as well. I have been trying to set up a Google Groups account for my union, AFM Local 1000. The capcha (don’t get me started on those things) is difficult to make out and the sound recording is indecipherable. It won’t accept my password and after five or six attempts I have given up. I’ll keep coming back here in case someone has some hints.

    BTW-Great article in the Guardian today

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