Walking the future Danvers rail trail

I took a walk this afternoon along the abandoned railroad tracks in Danvers from Chestnut Street to Topsfield Road (Route 97), which is supposed to become part of a North Shore bicycle trail. For more information check out Danvers Bi-Peds.

Since I forgot to bring my camera, I took these with my BlackBerry instead. I’m astonished at how good they came out.

3 thoughts on “Walking the future Danvers rail trail

  1. LFNeilson

    You’ll be sorree when you’re lookin’ at the ghost of a steem locomotive bearing down on you, snortin’ & a-puffin’ clouds o’ vapor! If only you had your camera (or your wife) with you, you’d be amazed at how goodly (adv.) the photos might have come out, even without the rail devil.
    Yes, save those rail paths.

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