Surfs pounds Gloucester coast

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I headed up to Gloucester this afternoon with my trusty Canon PowerShot SD890 IS to see what the nor’easter was doing along the coast. My first stop was a protected beach. There was so little wind that people were walking in the sand, including a woman and her dog.

Then I turned the corner, and entered a different world. On the rocky coast facing the ocean there were gale-force winds, high waves and surf pounding the shore. Above is my test of flickrSLiDR (hey, I don’t come up with the names), and below, a short video.

I’m glad it wasn’t snow.

More: I should have mentioned that I used the stabilization feature in iMovie ’09 for the first time and was really impressed. I was getting blown all over the place, but in the video it just seems like I’m drifting a bit. I’d also be curious to know whether you like the embedded slideshow or find it distracting — would you rather click and jump to Flickr?

8 thoughts on “Surfs pounds Gloucester coast

  1. Al Fiantaca

    I’ve been bailing water from my Peabody basement every half hour since 5:00 PM on Sat. There’s been no letup. I’ll take the snow over this.

  2. Steve Stein

    Flying into Logan yesterday afternoon from about 10000 ft down was a REAL E-ticket ride. Didn’t see the ground until we were over South Boston. And the park-and-fly lot in Chelsea was like a sound-stage for The Perfect Storm.

  3. B.A. DuBois

    Nice footage Dan… next time, bring a tripod, wear a bright orange slicker and a Northeastern University hat, and stare in the camera and give us a liveshot… … very impressive ocean that day…

  4. Donna Morris

    The beauty and power you’ve captured have brought tears to the eyes of this photography buff. Magnificent work!

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