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Surfs pounds Gloucester coast

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
I headed up to Gloucester this afternoon with my trusty Canon PowerShot SD890 IS to see what the nor’easter was doing along the coast. My first stop was a protected beach. There was so little wind that people were walking in the sand, including a woman and her dog.

Then I turned the corner, and entered a different world. On the rocky coast facing the ocean there were gale-force winds, high waves and surf pounding the shore. Above is my test of flickrSLiDR (hey, I don’t come up with the names), and below, a short video.

I’m glad it wasn’t snow.

More: I should have mentioned that I used the stabilization feature in iMovie ’09 for the first time and was really impressed. I was getting blown all over the place, but in the video it just seems like I’m drifting a bit. I’d also be curious to know whether you like the embedded slideshow or find it distracting — would you rather click and jump to Flickr?


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  1. Most cool, but I need to know, did you bring Shelby Scott with you?

  2. eileensideways

    impressive, angry sea.

  3. Dennis Vandal

    Nice footage! I’m amazed that gulls were still flying around in that stuff!

  4. Al Fiantaca

    I’ve been bailing water from my Peabody basement every half hour since 5:00 PM on Sat. There’s been no letup. I’ll take the snow over this.

  5. Steve Stein

    Flying into Logan yesterday afternoon from about 10000 ft down was a REAL E-ticket ride. Didn’t see the ground until we were over South Boston. And the park-and-fly lot in Chelsea was like a sound-stage for The Perfect Storm.

  6. B.A. DuBois

    Nice footage Dan… next time, bring a tripod, wear a bright orange slicker and a Northeastern University hat, and stare in the camera and give us a liveshot… … very impressive ocean that day…

  7. Donna Morris

    The beauty and power you’ve captured have brought tears to the eyes of this photography buff. Magnificent work!

  8. Amazing what a difference a day makes, I shot the Back Shore yesterday and although the surf was still pounding the light was just perfect.

    I’m thinking we may have been standing on the same rock!

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