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Making book (proposal)

Thinking about it always hurts worse than doing it. This afternoon I finished my book proposal — that is, I put a wrapper on the cover letter, the first chapter and the actual proposal, PDF’d them, stuck them in a ZIP file and sent the file off to a couple of people for their comments. Now I just need to find a publisher. And do the research and reporting. And write the book.

Sorry to be coy, but I’m not ready to tell all just yet. I can say that it’s about the new generation of community news sites, with a major emphasis on one in particular.


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  1. Best of luck, Dan.

  2. Best of luck, Dan.

    I can tell you I have had an incredibly protracted, sometimes maddening, experience with my current book about the history of journalism. Thankfully, seven years after I started, it is nearly through the final hoops.

    Sometimes, it seems as though the publishing business exists to not publish books.

  3. That’s a terrifying prospect for newssite folks like us (will he love us or hate us, or worse, ignore us?). but if it’s half as readable as “Little People” you will find a publisher quickly.
    Two fall-back options:
    Self-publish it on Amazon’s Kindle
    Allow us to serialize it on and coming later this month.

  4. Mark Walsh

    I’ve been waiting to hear some news on this front. I can tell you that you are already guaranteed one book sale.

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