State orders town to identify parking scofflaws

Here’s a good story idea: the Watertown Tab & Press wanted to publish the names of the town’s top 10 parking scofflaws. Town officials, you will not be surprised to learn, declined to turn over the information in its entirety. Now the state has ordered the town to cough up.


3 thoughts on “State orders town to identify parking scofflaws

  1. Harrybosch

    Now this one just doesn’t make any sense. Many local communities have begun publishing just such names in an effort to shame them into coughing up.

    Watertown must be flush with cash . . . or, more likely, they’re embarrassed by the townie and perhaps local government names on the list.

  2. Jerry

    Amazing I went through this as a rookie reporter 30-plus years ago with property tax scofflaws. Does no one learn?

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