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Panic: Buy all milk, bread and eggs right now

Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub has sounded the first major French Toast Alert of 2009-’10.

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Who said it?


  1. O-FISH-L

    Panic: Buy all milk, bread and eggs right now.

    What about maple syrup, Dan? You forgot maple syrup in the headline. With Obama flying out early from a blizzard in Denmark in the hopes of arriving in D.C. before another late AUTUMN blizzard dumps two feet of snow there, you could have at least advised the POTUS to grab some maple syrup before manmade global warming makes it extinct, much like the polar bear.

  2. Harrybosch

    “you could have at least advised the POTUS to grab some maple syrup before manmade global warming makes it extinct”

    Hyperbole, much?

    I don’t recall any talk of maple syrup becoming extinct.

    Obfuscation and exaggeration do not help your cause.

  3. LFNeilson

    ackkkk. It’s bad enough with people doing holiday shopping. Now we can add in everyone buying cigarettes, beer and Pampers. Cigs. are a real pain, locked in a cabinet, which really slows down the line at the register.

  4. LFNeilson

    Harry, the g.w. connection is: (a) the sap is running earlier. It needs a particular combination of warm days and cold nights. and (2) climate change could endanger the sugar maple tree. The maple syrup will be extinct if everyone starts buying it like crazy.

  5. Harrybosch

    That’s true, Dan. And don’t forget, Gore lives in a big house, and that proves . . . something else. I forget.

    LFN: To paraphrase Keynes, in the long run, we’re all extinct. Global warming or no.

    My point related only to Dan’s previous GW post, which (if I remember right) had climate change (in the short run) moving the sugar maple in a northerly direction.

    In the long run . . . we gotta get off this rock. But that’s a subject for another day.

  6. Steve Stein

    I was living in Newton Center in Feb ’78. The beer in the Center ran out before the milk did. (Perhaps this was due to the proximity of BC.)

  7. LFNeilson

    78 B.C.?

  8. Laurence Glavin

    WBUR is running an underwriting message (actually a commercial by other means)for Trader Joe’s, urging people to shop there for the ingredients required for Franch toast.

  9. lkcape

    There will be no school in Foster-Glocester!

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