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First snow of the season

Click on photo for a Flickr slideshow

Click on photo for a Flickr slideshow

I’ve been banned from running — temporarily, I hope — and so this afternoon I headed over to Willowdale State Forest in Ipswich with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot to take some pictures of the season’s first snowfall.

As has been the case lately, the trails were incredibly muddy. A trail that leads in to the eastern end of the reservation now appears to be permanently flooded out. So I think I’ll plan my next visit for a deep freeze, which should make for better footing.

Other than the mud, it was a beautiful afternoon, and I ran into several mountain bikers, runners and fellow walkers. It was a great way to spend part of a Sunday.

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  1. George Williams


    I loved your pictures.

  2. Donna Morris

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Steve Stein

    Great pics. I took some early in the morning Sunday – white snow on branches framed by impossibly clear blue sky. I hope they some out as nicely.

  4. Ansel Adams, move over.

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