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Unattractive trade bait

Maybe Theo Epstein* is just blowing smoke. But how could he possibly be thinking about trading Jed Lowrie during the off-season? Lowrie’s trade value has got to be close to zero right now.

If Lowrie and new shortstop Marco Scutaro both have a good first half, maybe one of them could be traded to fill a hole somewhere else. But if Theo trades Lowrie now, then it will be obvious he’s given up on him. Is there evidence to suggest he should?

*@scruff notes, as I should have, that this could just be Nick Cafardo having fun — there’s nothing in his column to suggest the Red Sox are seriously thinking of trading Lowrie.

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  1. scruff

    I read this as Cafardo speculating, not Epstein. I agree that Lowrie has very little trade value right now. In fact, his greatest value would probably be if he was traded to San Diego as their new GM would probably be most familiar with Lowrie’s talents. As it is, there is no reason to believe that he currently has any value, He needs to be healthy.

  2. Harrybosch

    Lowrie is obviously one of those hothouse flowers who simply MUST feel 110% healthy in order to take the field. I think we . . . already have one of those.

    He will be selling insurance within 3-5 years. Mark my words.

  3. Steve Stein

    Couldn’t Theo trade Lowrie to Cleveland in order to get Masterson back, so that my Halladay deal could work out? 🙂

    Seriously, though, Lowrie probably has some trade value as a deal-sweetener, but he’s more valuable to the Sox as Scutaro health insurance.

  4. O'R1on

    Wrist problems are tricky and I don’t think he should be viewed as a guy who isn’t willing to play. There aren’t many switch-hitting ss out there and I do think he has value if he can get back in good health. We’ll see after 250abs or so in Pawtucket.
    The Pedroia to ss move talk was lame. I don’t know how Gammons could have written it with a straight face.

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