Our well-trained punditocracy

In my latest for the Guardian, I take a look at Pavlov’s media and how they reacted to President Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize — channeling Republican talking points before they’d even been articulated. Good dog!

6 thoughts on “Our well-trained punditocracy

  1. Neil

    For this “Friedman actually suggested that Obama should accept the Nobel on behalf of the American military in order to deflect attention from how unworthy he is,” Tom Friedman has the dubious distinction of sharing an opinion with Liz Cheney, make that two opinions. They agree that the US invasion of Iraq was a “Suck on this” moment that some Muslim society in the Middle East had earned.

  2. Michael Pahre

    “[T]he Politico, where exceedingly conventional wisdom substitutes for thoughtful analysis.” Meeeeoooowwww!

    Obama’s award reminds me of that children’s book: “What Good Luck! What Bad Luck!”

    BTW: nice article.

  3. Dunque

    “channeling Republican talking points before they’d even been articulated.”

    That’s either a legendary piece of ESP or, gasp, perhaps they were actually channeling…their own thoughts?

  4. LFNeilson

    You have to view the Nobel as coming from a world audience. I would support the prize on the basis of the Cairo speech. It is a milestone.

  5. Dunwich

    “channeling Republican talking points before they’d even been articulated.”
    It’s so easy to see, but so hard to admit.
    The Today Show is an interesting example. Led by Matt Lauer, their first 20 min’s has really gone Fox-like in its approach.

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