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Laura Crimaldi moves on to the AP

Laura Crimaldi

Congratulations and best wishes to Laura Crimaldi, who left the Boston Herald this week and will soon start a one-year temporary job at the Associated Press’ bureau in Providence, where she’ll focus on law enforcement and the legal system.

I’ve gotten to know Laura through her work with the New England First Amendment Center at Northeastern University, for whom I occasionally contribute blog items. Laura is a director of the center, and has done a great job of re-energizing the blog.

Laura’s married to longtime Herald photographer Mark Garfinkel, who worked with Mrs. Media Nation at the Beverly Times back in the day. (The Times was later subsumed into the Salem News.) I don’t know if it’s a small world, but Greater Boston is definitely a small town.

Herald series leads to indictment

Federal prosecutors have indicted a Dorchester mortgage-broker on charges stemming from a series of award-winning articles by Boston Herald reporter Laura Crimaldi. She writes:

Dwight Jenkins, 39, of Dorchester was charged in U.S. District Court with using straw buyers and fraudulent mortgage applications to grab $1 million in profits while dumping numerous blighted properties on poor parts of the city.

The series is online here.

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