I’m told that The Boston Globe is one of the few daily newspapers that still publishes a travel section. Now it has added a staff writer. The following memo to the newsroom is by Chris Morris, the travel editor.

Chris Muther is trading one runway for another.

Chris, who has written about fashion for eight years, will be shifting into a new role this month as writer for the Travel section. He’ll bring his discriminating tastes, sharp wit, and distinctive voice to a section that hasn’t had a staffer for years. Once he gets his footing, he’ll launch a column, certain to contain his irrepressible sense of humor and become a Sunday morning must-read. He’ll tell us tales from interesting places — mostly near, occasionally far — and write the kinds of non-travel travel stories that speak to the wanderer in all of us. No doubt he’ll pack the section with personality.

Chris arrived at the Globe in 2001, being told that he would be here exactly one month, and no longer. Highlights of his tenure include strolling the streets of Boston in a Norwegian onesie and touring Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment. And while he’s covered 16 seasons of fashion week, he’s been writing about travel even longer. He went 600 feet under the sea in a mini submarine in Curacao, found that the hills were alive with music in Salzburg, and induced the wrath of a nation when he wrote about his dislike of Lisbon. Before the Globe, he was a news reporter. He lives in South Boston with his partner Alex and his cat, Admiral Jules Verne von Picklebottoms III.

Though Chris is leaving the Style beat, his fans can only hope he’ll continue to wage his one-man battle against Uggs and Crocs, both of which he’s deemed crimes against fashion. His clever prose, easy wit, and impeccable collection of men’s shirts will be sorely missed by the whole Living/Arts department.

Please join me in congratulating Chris on his new gig.

Chris Morris
Travel Editor
Boston Globe