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Bob Edwards, 1947-2024

One of the hazards of working as a media critic for many years is that you’ll inevitably run afoul of people you admire. There was, for instance, the time that Mike Wallace called me a “son of a bitch.” And Bob Edwards, the host of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” once complained bitterly to me in an email about something that I wrote — and used a general mailbox so I couldn’t respond. Edwards, a steadfast companion to millions on their morning commutes until he was forcibly retired in 2004, has died at the age of 76. He and his incomparable voice will be missed.

Correction: It turns out that Wallace called me a “bastard,” not a “son of a bitch.” Much better!

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  1. Bob Edwards was on the air the morning of 9/11. I remember his shocked silence when the first tower collapsed.

  2. David

    I would love to see the email from Bob Edwards, and the where/when/how that Mike Wallace called you a SOB!

    • Dan Kennedy

      That email from Bob Edwards is long gone, but see the correction I’ve posted about Mike Wallace.

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